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​All pens are hand made one at a time by Kevin Finney.
​Below describes how this is done.
Every piece is started and completed by myself. From the selection of the materials to the components evolving into the final piece.

First the basic of every piece starts as a raw product. Using Exotic woods, acrylics such as Aluminite, antlers, Pheasant feathers, snake skins, and other materials. Woods can and do start out as boards as large as 12” wide x 5” thick and 4’ long. The material is then cut to a size depending on the item I'm working on.

Cutting it down to a size around 3/4” x 3/4” by 6” long to start. The wood is then drilled down through the Center, cut to a basic size for the 2 body parts and a brass tube is glued and installed. Letting this rest and cure for 24 hours.

Once cured the ends are sanded, special bushings inserted and used on the ends of the blank. As can be seen in the center photo. This is the thickness the pen will become.

Turning begins. Depending on the material 3-4 dif ferent hand tools are required in the process to get a square block round.
Once almost to the size and the shape I'm looking for, tools are no longer used. This is all done by eyesight. I do not use duplicators of any type or templates. At this point you are about a papers thickness from the bushings. Leaving this for sanding and finishing.

The ends are known trimmed back to the brass insert. Being very careful not to shave any brass away. If this happens you can trash it and start all over again with a new piece. The result will be the blank being to short.

Sanding starts. Generally, it’s about 4-7 grades of sand papers staring at a 240 grit and going as high as 3,000 grits and in some cases higher.

Polishing begins after cleaning. In this case its done with natural oils that do what is call Friction polishing (by heat).

Assembly is now done on a special hand press inserting the components and parts one at time, being careful not to apply to much pressure and cracking the wood.

In total time to complete this particular pen was about 4 hours.

You are done!

This is the basic procedure of almost everything I produce.

An Elegant Rollerball pen:

First choosing the components, Gold, Platinum, Silver and so on to compliment the wood or material being used. In these photos are Burl wood/Acrylic mix.